Although born in the UK, I spent my formative years in the US. I concentrated on art and design at school in Northern New Jersey. I studied technical drawing, progressing from hand drawing to 2D and 3D designs on AutoCAD. While attending high school, I apprenticed with my father, a specialist cabinet designer and maker. Upon returning to the UK, I quickly gained employment with a local commercial furniture maker while also attaining qualifications in wood machining.

In 2006, I was asked to visit a renowned bespoke furniture maker. After demonstrating my knowledge of design software and furniture making, I was offered a job. Working closely with management, subcontractors and clients, I created thousands of designs for private homes, hotels, superyachts and corporate projects for some of the world's top architects and interior designers.

I became freelance in 2011 and founded Alternate Shift Designs. While continuing to supply 2D drawings, 3D designs and renderings for my client's projects, I produce innovative designs of my own. My designs have been featured in magazines, books, and websites around the world.

I have also recently added 3D printing to my bag of tricks. I have supplied 3D printed prototypes, as well as working finished products. Additionally, I sell my own line of innovative 3D printed products.

One of the things I absolutely love about what I do is that I can work from anywhere on the planet, and I'm lucky enough to have an office each in Scotland, England and New Jersey. This has helped me to maintain personal relationships with my clients both in the UK and the US. Creativity is one of my strong points and the nature of my work involves accomplishing things that have never been done before. I can call on the experience I've gained, not only in work, but also in my hobbies. I have built cars and computers. I've repaired aircraft and farm equipment. I've machined stainless steel and solid mahogany. So when it comes to design, engineering and fabrication, I'm always quick to understand my client's ideas while having valuable input of my own. And of course, I have the skills to help make those ideas happen!

Nikolas Conley

Alternate Shift Designs