I originally built my 3D printer as a toy but quickly realised it's potential after casually mentioning it to one of my clients. Since then, I've been asked to produce prototype models, mock-up parts and working finished products. I even sell my own range of innovative 3D printed products. (See my shop!)

The possibilities really are endless with 3D printing! I've produced completely finished and painted scale models. Mock-ups of bespoke door hinges. Spare parts. Bespoke tools. Custom camera accessories. Cases for bespoke electronics. Decorative onlays. Custom brackets, adapters, fixings and fittings. Really anything you can think of!

Although 3D printing isn't a new thing, accessibility by the general public is. Off-the-shelf production models are available but I opted to build my own. I therefore have a full understanding of how it works, inside and out. This experience helps me create 3D printed designs that work around the design limitations of the printer. It has also driven me to design my own 3D printer...utilising 3D printed parts, of course!